Micro:bit can be used to play simple tunes, provided that you connect a speaker to your board.

If you are using headphones you can use crocodile clips to connect your micro:bit to headphones:



You cannot control the volume of the sound level from the micro:bit. Please be very careful if you were using headphones. A speaker is a safer choice while working with sound.

You can also connect your micro:bit to a speaker using crocodile clips:

Basic Functions

Play a tune

To play a tune you can use the play function:

from microbit import *
import music


You must import the music module to play and control sound.

The music module includes a number of built-in tunes. Here’s some of them:

  • music.DADADADUM
  • music.PRELUDE
  • music.ODE
  • music.NYAN
  • music.RINGTONE

Make your own tune

To play a tune, specify the note (C,D,E,F,G,A,B; including sharps (eg.: C#)) to play. Optionally, it’s possible to specify the octave (1-8) and the duration it will be played for:

from microbit import *
import music

# Play a 'C''C')

# Play a 'C' for 4 beats long'C:4')

# Play a 'C' in octave number 3 for 4 beats long'C3:4')

Playing a series of notes one after the other is easy, you just put the notes you want to play in a list:

from microbit import *
import music

# Tune: Frere Jacques
tune = ["C4:4", "D4:4", "E4:4", "C4:4", "C4:4", "D4:4", "E4:4", "C4:4",
        "E4:4", "F4:4", "G4:8", "E4:4", "F4:4", "G4:8"]

Micro:bit will remember the octave of the note defined previously. Hence, the tune above can be rewritten as follows:

tune = ["C4:4", "D4:4", "E4:4", "C:4", "C:4", "D:4", "E:4", "C:4",
        "E:4", "F4:4", "G4:8", "E:4", "F:4", "G:8"]

Advanced Functions

You can also specify the note you want to play using its frequency using the pitch method. For example, to create a police siren effect

while True:
        for freq in range(880, 1760, 16):
                music.pitch(freq, 6)
        for freq in range(1760, 880, -16):
                music.pitch(freq, 6)

Can you guess what this does? Each time around the loop a new frequency is calculated by adding (or subtracting) 16.

Practice questions

  • Make up your own tune.
  • Make a musical instrument. Change the pitch of the sound played based on the readings from the accelerometer.