Send a Message

Total points possible Uses
10 Two Micro:bits, Battery pack with 2 AAA batteries, Radio, LED Display


In this project, we will use the radio on the micro:bit to send messages from one microbit to another. You will display the number of messages sent between a pair of micro:bits on the LED display.

Basic Task

Collect points for these stages:

Tasks Points
Read the radio tutorial sheet. Write code to transmit and receive messages. Print the message sent on the REPL. 2
Add some code so that the message is sent when button a is pressed. 1
Connect the battery pack to the second micro:bit. Upload the same code the second micro:bit. 2
Test the pair of micro:bits. You should be able to send and receive messages. 2
Now you should find a way to count the messages. You could add 1 to a counter every time you send a message, 1
You need to do something special to send and receive numbers - you need to translate the number to a string using the str() function before sending it in the message. At the receiving end you need to translate the string back into a number using the int() function. 2