Consonant or Vowel?

Total points possible Uses
10 LED display, buttons


In this challenge you will make a reaction game called Consonant or Vowel. The micro:bit must show the player a letter which is either a consonant or a vowel. The player must press button A if it is a consonant and button B if it is a vowel. They must choose an answer in 1 second. If the player presses the wrong button, the micro:bit displays a suitable image or message and the game ends. If they press the correct button, the micro:bit displays a message or image and the player gets a point and can play again.

Basic Game

Collect points for these stages:

Tasks Points
Display a welcome messge. 1
Create loop for the game which repeats every second. 1
Create a list of consonants in your program and a list of vowels. Hint: vowels = ['A', 'E', 'I', 'O', 'U'] 1

Randomly select either consonants or vowels. Hint: use random.randint(0,1). Randomly select a letter from the list.

Display the letter.

Test whether the user has pressed the correct button. If the user has pressed the correct button, display a suitable image or message. 1
If the user has pressed the wrong button, finish the game. 2
If the player’s answer was correct, add 1 to the player’s score. 1
At the end of the game, display the player’s score. 1

Extra points

Tasks Points
If the player succeeds, make the time interval for the next round shorter. 1