Total points possible Uses
10 LED display, buttons


In this challenge the player is driving down a road or race track. There are obstacles in the road and the player must dodge them using the A and B buttons on the micro:bit. If the player hits an obstacle the game ends.

Basic Game

Collect points for these stages:

Tasks Points
Display a welcome message. 1
Create loop for the game which repeats every second. 1
Create a player sprite in any column in the bottom row. Display the pixel at maximum brightness.  
Move the player sprite 1 pixel upwards each time the loop repeats. If the player sprite is in row 0, move the player sprite back to row 4. Hint: store the position of the player in a list: player = [0,0]. 1
Move the player sprite to the right if button B is pressed and left if button A is pressed. 1
Create an obstacle sprite in any column in the top row. Display the pixel at a low brightness. The obstacle should move down 1 pixel every time the game loop repeats. Hint: store the position of the obstacle in a list obstacle = [0,0]. 2
Now when you create the obstacle sprite, place it in a random column on the display. Hint: use random.randint(0,4). 1
Every time the loop repeats, check whether the player has collided with the obstacle. If there is a collision, the game ends. 2

Extra points

Tasks Points
At the start of the game, give the player 3 lives. Subtract a life every time there is a collision. End game when the player has no lives left. 1