UCL’s BBC Micro:bit Tutorials

This documentation can be found at <http://microbit-challenges.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html>.

The tutorial sheets are designed to give students an introduction to the features of the micro:bit. Short practical examples are provided and students are invited to design solutions to problems using the fundamental building blocks presented.

Teaching students to code using a microprocessor with embedded sensors on the board enables learners to get immediate feedback from their code without having to learn any electronics beforehand. This approach to learning coding was designed by Prof. Stephen Hailes, UCL. His team developed the Engduino expressly for this purpose . The design of the micro:bit was strongly influenced by the Engduino and some of this material is taken directly from the Engduino tutorial sheets. Likewise, in some places, the content is an abridged version of the BBC Micro:bit MicroPython documentation.

The Challenge sheets can be used for team competitions or just for fun in the classroom. Some of them were adapted from the exercises by M. Atkinson on the website Multiwingspan.

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If you would like to contribute to this resource, go ahead! Install git and create a branch. It would be great to have more challenges and some projects.